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Vehicle Registration, San Diego, CA 92102

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NO Trips To The DMV
Established In 1997

Daniel's Registration specialize in everything related to vehicle registration and the export of vehicles to Mexico.  We are a family owned business.

Our services include:
* Nationalization and import of vehicles
* Stickers and Plates in office
* Auto Renovation
* Change of Name
* Vehicle registration renewals
* Transfer of ownership
* Lien sale
* Salvage titles

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Oficina De Registro De Vehiculos

We serve in San Diego, CA.

We also offer:

Auto Registration Coupon, License Plates, License Stickers, Vehicle Title, Car Registration, Title Transfer Coupon

No wait auto registration.


2208 Imperial Ave
San Diego CA 92102
Phone: (888) 904-6201

Contact Info

Phone: (888) 904-6201

Fax: (619) 238-0240

Email: ewingnr@gmail.com

Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 08:30AM-06:00PM
Saturday: 08:30AM-04:00PM

Auto registration, Title Transfers, Change of Name

Daniel's Registration

Renew your vehicle registration fast and easy with no lines!
Call: (888) 904-6201
Fax: (619) 238-0240